Finance for Tradies

Buying a work ute or getting cash flow assistance for your business shouldn’t be difficult, but it often is!

Whether you’re a tradie with a new ABN or have run your own business for many years, quick and easy business finance is important for business growth. As an experienced finance provider in Melbourne for over 15 years, SFE Loans can help you secure the best loan and rate within a structure that suits your business and life.

SFE Loans can assist you to secure finance for any or all of the following:

  • Purchase, construction or renovation of commercial premises such as a factory or warehouse

  • Purchase of a new work ute or truck

  • Purchase of tools and equipment for your trade

  • Extra cash flow assistance

Get the tools, vehicles and machinery your business needs with equipment finance that suits your financial situation.

Commercial & Property Loans

As your tradie business grows, you may find the need for a factory or warehouse space to store tools, equipment and materials. We’ll help you reach your business goals with a commercial property you can call your own.

Commercial Car & Truck Finance

Looking for a work ute or truck to get you moving? It’s essential for tradesman to have a reliable method of transport to get themselves and their tools and equipment to and from job sites. We’ll help you find the right car finance or truck loan product to get you on the road.

Tools, Asset and Equipment Finance

Whether your a carpenter, plumber, electrician, landscaper or builder, to do a job well you need the right tools and equipment – which often doesn’t come cheap. If you’re looking to upgrade your tools and keep up with demand, we’ll provide the best asset and equipment finance options for your business.

Cash Flow Loans

Cash keeps your business moving so we understand waiting on invoice payments from clients can really put a holt on things. We’ll help you cover your day-to-day business costs with the right short or long term loan for your business needs.

Things for Tradies to consider

When borrowing finance, SFE Loans will work with you to find the right loan structure for your business. Together we will consider:


Loan Repayment Term

How long do you want to spend paying the loan off?


Security required

Can you meet the requirements for a secured or unsecured loan?


Fixed or variable interest rate

Do you prefer to line up with national interest rate changes, or do you prefer predictable budgeting?


Flexibility of monthly repayments

Are you able to increase your loan repayments when business is good?


Fees and early repayment penalties

Are there high application fees or if you repay the loan early will you face penalty payments?

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